My daughter and I were looking to adopt a dog after a couple of years since our last (rescue) passed away at 18 years of age. I have a friend who has 2 Dalmatians and love them, so when the opportunity presented itself we jumped immediately.
I have a friend who is a trainer, plus another who runs the Cherished Pet Foundation (the only B-corp registered vet in the world and the 1st vet social worker in Australia) so I have a great network of people I can reach out to should I require the help.
Milo was left for all but 1/2 an hour a day in a backyard by herself for the 1st 9 months of her life. The family bit off way more than they could chew, didn’t have the time or the know how to deal with a very high energy and high needs dog. Not only is she 99% deaf, her eyes don’t converge so she (probably)bsees double vision and has very poor depth perception. She also had chronic ear infections and now requires regular vet visits to get treated and that involves sedatives cause she won’t let anyone look in her ears.   Special needs!
However, after 2 days with me, she had her ears treated and I had her off lead at my local beach which is safe as the roads are a fair way off. She stuck close at first, but gradually got more courage to wander and meet other dogs. She is a bit sketchy on new people, needs time to get to know you, but once she does, she doesn’t forget and is very friendly. Most people can’t tell she is deaf as she acts just as any other dog, but for me, its a blessing she loves food so much, its made training her much easier.
In my work life I am a photographer, and a lot of my time is spent on my passion, photographing dogs for my calendars, and working on a book, so obviously, Milo has been a feature. She was Miss July 2020. (photo with the sun in BG, taken less than a week after I adopted her).

She has fast become a feature at the beach, all the regulars know her. She can be full on, she is a Dalmatian after all, and she has fast established her as the wrestler to beat!

It’s been a little tricky, at times she goes a bit far and then cant see me (or hear me), but so far have resisted the buzz (vibration) collar but I think I’m going to get one. She is good with hand signals, but chooses to ignore me at times when there is either food or fun on offer.
And somehow, despite all these things, even if she is asleep, if I open the fridge, she magically appears beside me…
Oh and btw, she sleeps on the couch now.