Update 11/06/19: Milo has been adopted!

His update from Karen:

 I’ve renamed him Mendeley, which means one who gives comfort in Yiddish, of the mind in Latin, wisdom/knowledge in Semitic, and Wisdom/learning in Farsi. It seemed perfect as he is now my emotional support dog, as I’m his hearing support person, I guess.

Mendeley’s favorite game with people is catch and will usually bring the ball back and drop it for me after a minute or two. When he’s with other dogs he seems to have no trouble understanding or communicating and we’re rapidly becoming regulars at the largest local dog park. At home Mendeley loves to chew on his many toys, particularly his cone shaped Kongs as he hasn’t managed to destroy them yet, and cuddling up with me or one of the other members of family.

Karen (and Mendeley)