Meet adoptable deaf boy Mila who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will work with Mila to become a Therapy dog or just your new best friend, love him and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver: Mila is a two-year-old street dog, originally from India. He was born in India in February of 2018 on a campus of 250 adolescents. Mila was one of the precious friendly street pups that wasn’t afraid of humans, and quickly befriended many. He became a mascot of sorts on our high school campus of international students and would roam free each day spending time with the students and in classrooms. Mila would frequent the counseling office, offering support for students missing their pets from home. Mila found a home with one of the faculty at this school, me.

When it came time for me to return to the U.S. at the end of my contract, I looked for homes for Mila in India without luck as most of the teachers were expats like me and didn’t stay in India over the long breaks. So I decided to take him with me to the USA in hopes I would find a better situation for him here. He has been with me for the past two years and is a wonderful friend and peaceful dog. However, he has some physical challenges that, in combination with me being in a full time doctoral program, are making it challenging for me to provide the home for him I feel he deserves.

Mila was born deaf and the runt of his pack. On top of this, he was hit by a car in June of 2019 and was left with a minor limp and some nerve damage in his back right leg. I spent 8 weeks rehabilitating him with water treadmill therapy and physical therapy from an amazing organization before we moved to VA for me to start school. I whole-heartedly believe Mila would be an exceptional therapy dog, serviced dog, or emotional support dog for the right family or person. If I were in a situation for the next three years where I could keep him I would in a heartbeat. However, I feel he deserves to be in a home with multiple people and perhaps the company of another dog so he is not home alone during the day.