2/05/20: Merle has bee adopted. Tracy writes this:

Hi Christina, 
I am excited to say that my Merle (now Oliver) was adopted! You can post ADOPTED! on his lovely photo that you allowed me to post.

The new parents found him on your site. They live in Wisconsin and we are in Illinois. Luckily we are not far from each other. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to post his photo on your site. Without being able to do so, chances are he would have remained in the shelter for a long while. His new parents already have one deaf dog, an Aussie named Hobart and two senior Goldens. Merle and Hobart look so much alike and they get along so great. The new adopters will be watching your videos for new advice on how to train Oliver. I already told them about your advice to me by starting the training with tether training. 
I look forward to hearing from the new family and seeing how Oliver is coming along.
Here is a pic. The adoption was just tonight.
Thank you so much.

Photo above: Courtesy of Tracy Pearson – Oliver (aka Merle) pictured here with his new family