Beautiful Merle is a very smart, playful and friendly 6 month old Catahoula puppy. He is loving to both adults and children. He loves to play with other dogs and he would do best in a household with another dog to help him with cues. He does not appear to have much interest in cats. You would never know by the way he plays and interacts, that he is deaf and blind in one eye.

Merle has just begun hand signal training. He is not completely house broken but living in a home with proper attention should fix the issue quickly. Merle is the sweetest dog, with enough puppy energy to keep his doggy pals having fun, but he also likes to take breaks so that he can crawl into your lap for some hugs and kisses. He is currently living at Anderson Animal Shelter and he is content in his pen space environment, so crating should not be an issue and he may prefer to have a crate to go to relax. We would love to have Merle become a family member to a loving home that understands him and will give him the wonderful life that he so deserves.