Meet adoptable deaf dog Melody who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her shelter advocate: Update 1/24/24:  Melody is looking for a pet-free home (no dogs, cats, or critters) as she is not social with other dogs and finds cats and critters too interesting! This sweet snuggly girl has done well with kids and rides well in the car, her temporary foster said that she is strong on leash but responsive to food and she knows the hand signals for “sit” and “good girl”.

She has been at Elk Grove Animal Services since November 5th and would love a home to call her own. Melody is also a staff and volunteer favorite here a the shelter.  She is extremely friendly and believes she is a lap dog, Despite Being Almost 60 Pounds! Melody Is Deaf And Will Need Training In Hand Signals. (Which Our Volunteers Are Already Hard At Work On!) Melody Would Like To Be Your Only Dog In The Home.  I am told she is super sweet and special. We feel she has super powers in her other senses.

Some Foster/Volunteer quotes about Melody.
– “What a sweet and loving girl. Was well behaved when she saw other dogs she didn’t bark. Did great on a leash and in the car. She was so affectionate!”
– “It is so interesting to experience the world from her perspective as a deaf dog.
Of course she didn’t care about the yipping Chihuahua behind a fence. But she was interested in a pine cone falling from a tree, a leaf blowing in the gutter, a bird flying overhead, a vehicle backing out of a driveway, and all the dead worms on the sidewalk”

– “She’s so sweet and gentle
when taking treats from me”
– “She will make some lucky family an awesome fur baby.”