In August 2010, I received a call from a Boxer Breeder looking to place a white deaf Boxer Puppy, she told me if I didn’t take the puppy she was going to put him down. At the time I already had three white Boxers all therapy dogs, and felt that we had a full house, However I could not let the little fellow be put down.

At 5 weeks old we met Karl, a beautiful little white Boxer puppy and it was love at first sight. Our other Boxer boys saw the little guy and they thought “what’s Mom and Dad up to now?”. Karl mixed in well with our other Boxers and the journey began. Karl was the easiest Boxer to house break, we have trained Karl using sign language, he knows 28 signs. Karl passed his good canine citizen certification, and just became a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. Karl is now bringing joy to the many special need children and adults in Lake County Florida. Karl does not know he is a special needs dog, and Karl has taught us more then we could ever hope to teach him. He reminds us to smell the flowers and watch the birds. He is an outstanding addition to our home.

Note from Deaf Dogs Rock: Nitro and I are just so amazed at this family that has adopted Karl and taken him all the way through his CGC Certification and then onto his Therapy dog certification – registration. If that wasn’t enough, I found out they had three white boxers that are all Therapy Dogs before they decided to adopt Karl and save his life. Wow! According to my deaf dog Nitro and I, this family totally ROCKS!

Thanks to Joanne Hart for sharing her beautiful story of Karl with Deaf Dogs Rock!


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