Hi my name is Amanda  and nine years ago my boyfriend surprised me with a white boxer boy that we named Joe but two days into having him I realized he was deaf. I took him to to the vet to confirm his deafness, and it was true, but I was determined find ways to help him. I did research and found out you can teach them sign language and we did. He is a very smart dog, loving, sweet and so well behaved.

Sometimes when I look into his eyes it’s like looking at a person. I will never forget when people found out he was deaf they would often say “you should just put him down because he will be to much trouble”, but we proved them all wrong. He’s a great dog and I believe all deaf dogs deserve a chance at life. I would certainly take another one in a heartbeat. I hope our story is helpful to people who are thinking about adopting a deaf dog or just finding out their puppy is deaf. Please don’t give up because they can be trained and they make awesome pets. My family couldn’t ask for a better dog for our son because of the bond they share together.

This story was submitted by Amanda Cox. Thank you Amanda for sharing Joe’s story with Deaf Dogs Rock!