Meet Frances, she is a beautiful three year old deaf boxer. She is a rescue and is one of the loves of our lives. This is the story of Francis. When she was born the breeder kept her in a cage for the first months of her life which is why the rescue thinks she is so small.  She was extremely lucky to be rescued by a Boxer Rescue but like many rescues it was a bit over crowded and she was kept in an area with 7 other boxers. It’s kind of crazy to think about it now but she was so nervous around all the other dogs she learned to sleep standing up. The family that adopted her next thought they had time to train a deaf dog  but in reality they did not. She was kept in a small mud room with a doggy door with another adult male boxer. These people tried their best but it just wasn’t enough for our special girl.

In the end, I found her on Craig’s List 4 weeks ago so me and my husband decided we would give her a loving home.  At first we were nervous about her being deaf and having special needs but as she has taught us, she does not even know she is deaf or what it means to hear a noise. She just thinks she is normal what ever normal is suppose to be.

She is very visual and learns from watching what our hearing male boxer does and how he reacts to things. We are fortunate because our other boxer Tai happens to be the same age as Francis and they both get along great together. Francis follows Tai everywhere but she is still very independent and has a mind of her own. She has learned the signs for “sit” and “good girl” so far. We are working on the “stay” command and she is starting to figure it out slowly.

When we took her to the Vet’s office they showed us how malnourished she was. We decided that with a little TLC she would eventually gain weight. Francis is finally starting to gain weight and she is filling out very nicely. She also sleeps on our king sized water bed along with our male boxer Tai. She is so loving life and we are totally in love with her. She will NEVER have to sleep standing up again and she will never want for anything. We love her and we plan on spending the rest of her life showing her just how much we adore her.


This story was submitted by Sue and John Muse of Charlotte NC. Nitro and I think Sue and John totally ROCK! Thanks for sharing the story of how you rescued Frances. I am sure she is one happy deaf dog. Deaf Dogs Rock