I adopted Blitz, my deaf pit bull terrier, in April 2010 from a local rescue. She was pulled on her last day from the Hartford, Ct shelter where there is such high demand for space they are only given a short 10 day stay to be adopted. While she was in her foster home, it was discovered that she was deaf. I fell in love with her from her Petfinder profile. She was smart, goofy, great with other dogs and loved people. When I inquired about her and found out she was deaf, I took some time to do some research on deaf dogs. I also spoke to friends and trainers and decided it was something I was prepared to handle with time, patience and practice. After a home visit and a trip to get spayed, she became my absolute love.












*Photos above: Blitz loves kitty cat Frankie and she loves to play with other dogs too!

We trained with a behaviorist, which she really excelled at and enjoyed. She knows the commands of sit, stay, down, roll over, shake, other paw, sit up, stand on two legs, and to rest her chin on my knee all with hand signals we made up. A quick thumbs up means good girl, and pursed lips and a finger point means stop. She’s amazingly attentive, and easy to train (roll over only took a day). She loves other dogs, and sometimes I catch her snuggling up with the cat. We’re working on  recall, however I never ever take her anywhere off leash to be safe. She is one of the happiest and easiest going pups. She is happy to sprint around a fenced yard, or just go for a stroll and snuggle up under the covers at night. I still talk to her all the time, and she doesn’t seem to mind. Actually for  being deaf dog, she’s a great listener.

-Michelle and Blitz (aka Dangus) Middletown, Ct

Note from Editor: This story was submitted by Michelle Bourret of Middletown Ct. Thanks Michelle for sharing your beautiful girl Blitz with Deaf Dogs Rock. According to my deaf dog Nitro, Blitz is a “real looker” …his words not mine ;o)