The story of Hera comes after my first deaf dog, Dignan, whom we adopted from Wonder Dog. Reed Morgan (from Family Dog Rescue) had contacted me to see if I wanted to set up a play date with her dog Argus and her new foster Hera (I believe all the while setting me up to fall for Hera).

A few weeks later while I was out of town Dignan got away from my boyfriend and was hit by a car. I was beyond devastated, but felt that I should tell the rescue just so they knew. Reed contacted me to say how sorry she was. She said that since I had deaf dog experience would I be willing to foster Hera so that her dogs could get a break (Hera likes to have her way…). I know that she knew that Hera and I would bond instantly and within a day Hera was mine!

Hera (aka Hairy-it, Herral-Dean, HD Buttercup, Hera monster…) helped me heal from the loss of Dignan, but also became so much more. This dog has truly filled in spots in my heart that I didn’t even know needed filling! When I get home from work I don’t know if I’m more excited to see her or for her to see me! She goes with me just about everywhere, cuddles with me every night, helps with my freelance work and reading, plays with the cats and, possibly most important, has started educating all the people at the dog park about what a Lethal White really is.

















Every person she meets she is instantly their best friend. She has such a strong desire to please and is so good with all of her signals that most people have no idea she’s deaf (but honestly it shouldn’t make a difference if she was or not, because they are just as amazing as any other dog-if not more so!). When people ask me if it’s hard to train a deaf dog I tell them that it’s like any other dog, you just have to learn how to speak their language.

This story was submitted by Kaitlin Kushner. Deaf Dogs Rock would like to thank Kaitlin for taking the time to share her special story of Hera. According to my dog Nitro, Hera is perfecto! His words..not mine.