Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Maze who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, teach her new things, and spend a lot of time with her. She is okay with cats and loves children but she can be picky about her dog friends so she needs to be the only dog in her new  home.


From her rescue advocate:
Meet the many faces of Sweet Maze. Our Maze is a 5 year, 11 month old , 47 lb boxer/American Bulldog mix who is a Snow Queen, Snoozer and all around Sports Enthusiast. Would you believe she is DEAF but that doesn’t stop her from living her best life!!! She can even “speak” upon command (hand signals). Check out our Amazing Maze in her video!

Maze is very loving and active. Need a soccer partner??? Well, here she is! Maze LOVES to play ball, but heads-up, she can dribble a soccer ball like a pro! She also loves the big blue Jolly ball and of course tennis balls. She is learning the jumps on our agility course and responds very well to treat lures.. She has received obedience training and knows hand signals.

Maze loves to be with her humans and especially so if they rub her hind end (otherwise known as butt rubs)! She is extremely food motivated and will act like she is starving! lol.. Maze also likes to sit on the couch with her human and give gentle kisses.
Maze can be a bit vocal at times when left alone so she may do better in a home with no shared walls. Maze does well in the car. She does amazing with kids and is ok with cats. Maze is picky about her doggie friends so she needs to be the ONLY DOG in a home.

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