Meet adoptable 3.5 year old deaf American bulldog Max who is looking for a loving family/person who will cherish him, be his new BFF and always keep him safe.

From his current caregiver: Max  weighs between 80-100 pounds, hes very sweet and loves to cuddle, I got him 3 years ago, found in the middle of the road being attacked by 4 dogs. My husband and I work far too much to give Max the attention he needs, and hes starting to become a problem with my other dogs. I love him very very much, and its a very hard decision to come to, but I feel it’s the best decision for Max. He’d be best in a single dog home and he doesn’t like cats too much (he has killed a few on accident, definitely didn’t mean to).


He has been difficult for me to work with because he is very stubborn but that doesn’t mean someone who is good at training dogs or bully savvy wouldn’t have great success with him.  He does however absolutely hates crates, he destroys them like they’re paper. Aside from the crate and cat thing, he really is an amazing dog. I just really can’t handle him anymore, and it kills me to say that, but I really need to find him a new home. I’d like to say, whoever he does go to, I’d love to be able to stay in contact and possibly still be able to see him and let him play with his sister Princess on occasion, this is a really hard thing for me to do, but I just feel it’d be best for him.

Max’s adoption fee is $150 and if you are interested in adopting him please contact Amanda so she can send you a blank adoption application to fill out. You must live within driving distance to meet Max in person.