Written by Amber Geyman

For six years we had a special needs Frenchie named Gus; he was our incredible little boy; unfortunately he passed away earlier this year due to kidney failure. We have a 3 year old english bulldog who was feeling rather lonely, and to be honest, we felt like something was missing from our family. We came across a family looking to re-home their 6 month old male frenchie because their older dog wasn’t taking to him.

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We ended up picking up Marty on what would have been Gus’s 6th birthday; it just felt meant to be! A few weeks later we began to realize that Marty could not hear; Marty has now been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. We are not sure if the previous owners were aware of this or not, as we cannot get them to communicate with us any longer! We have absolutely fallen in love with Marty, and have learned so much; we still have a lot to learn and are very thankful to have come across your page!

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Marty now has a 2 1/2 year old 2-legged sister, another baby sister on the way, a 4-legged english bulldog sister, 4 goat brothers and 1 rabbit brother. He has transitioned into our family seamlessly, it turns out it really was meant to be!

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