Meet adoptable one year old deaf Dalmatian Marshall who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, continue is positive reinforcement sign training and always keep him safe.

From the Dalmatian Rescue of New Mexico:  Meet sweet deaf Dalmatian Marshall, our new foster boy.
He will tell you a little bit about himself.
From Marshall: Hi, my name is Marshall and I am a Dalmatian boy. I am one year old and very handsome, don’t you think?
So here is what I like. Everything! I like kids, dogs, toys, running like the wind, food, treats, more kids, sleeping on foster mom’s bed, sleeping on my bed, learning tricks and new sign cues. We will soon see if I like to swim in the pool as soon as the weather gets warmer and I don’t know about cats yet. I love to chase butterflies so I may be a cat chaser as well.

I am deaf so I am learning sign language in my foster home so I can be a good boy. I am really good at sit and come. I am learning down and can also sit and wait for my “release word” (an okay sign) so I can get up and eat my dinner. I will need a family who is committed to continuing my education. One thing I will need is a vibrating collar and a human to teach me what it means. If I feel it vibrate, I need to come running. Right now, I am great at coming with the hand signal but that works only if I see it. A vibrating collar lets me know to come even when I can’t see you. I also need practice not pulling on the leash when I am outside. But butterflies, they need chasing!
Because I am still a big puppy,  I need a lot of exercise. Right now I live with some very playful dogs so I get lots of running and wrestling to tire me out. A tired doggy is a good dog. Keep that in mind if you are considering adding me to your family. I am super cuddly but not very graceful but I am still a puppy.

If I sound like the boy for you, I will promise to love you forever. You can call my foster mom, Lyn at 505-857-0012. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.