This is Marlee’s Happy Tail told by her human mom Kelley Spears.

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Meet Marlee! This is her Happy Tail. Marlee is three years old, a deaf pit bull mix. She’s been with us for two years now. She came to us as a foster dog through Kaleidoscope K9s in Seville, Ohio. She had been dropped at the pound when she was a puppy, then pulled by the rescue and put in foster care. Marleewas adopted out and returned to the rescue when it didn’t work out and then we became her foster home. I couldn’t part with her so we kept her.


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Marlee has been busy learning hand signals for her agility classes which she goes to twice a week. She is smart as a whip and is lightning fast and we are going to be competing in the spring. I sent you a video of her running a small course.

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Marlee loves to shower us with kisses, especially when she gets woken up! Sleeping in her cuddle ball is a favorite of hers. And she loves our other three dogs, loves to play and just be goofy. She is our first deaf dog so we had a learning curve with her, and mom (me) was extremely overprotective so we fenced the yard in so she could run and play without worry. Marlee has made me want to adopt another deaf dog in the future.




Thanks so much,


Kelley and Marlee Spears