March Rocker Puppy Sponsorships

Here is our Deaf Dogs Rock recap of the deaf dogs and puppies DDR sponsored into partner rescues through our Rocker Puppy Program for the month of March, 2017. We sponsored 12 deaf dogs/puppies in the month of March. What that means is for the first quarter of 2017, our little organization Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored 43 deaf dogs in the past three months!

One of the reasons it is so important for us to continue sponsoring deaf dogs and puppies through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program is so they can go into foster care, learn the basic training fundamentals so they will be better prepared to go to a new home. By getting to watch a deaf puppy settle into a new foster home and also do an evaluation each foster can see the strengths and weaknesses of each dog and focus on what needs work.

Each foster family concentrates on properly house training/crate training their deaf foster dog, socializing their deaf foster dog with other dogs and children. By focusing on each skill, (using positive reinforcement training techniques) the foster families are setting each deaf dog up for success before they get into their new forever home. If you would like to sponsor a puppy through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program, please click here to learn more.


Medical sponsorship for deaf rescue pup Polar to get an MRI ($200 to go towards the $2500 estimate for an MRI)


Sponsored deaf dog Jett’s neuter surgery so he can be available for adoption

Sponsored some of Macy’s surgery $200 to Poet’s Vision Rescue


Thanks to Speak for The Unspoken (Ohio) for rescuing Ethan


Zoey and Caesar

We put out a rescue plea for deaf dog Zoey but she came into the shelter with her BFF Caesar. DDR offered a $300 rescue sponsorship if a rescue could take both dogs so they would not be separated. A big shout out to Marie Horstman Wilkins who pulled the two for Paw Project rescue and also for letting Deaf Dogs Rock know they needed some help. Thanks Paw Project for pulling these two into your rockin rescue.

Photo above: Zoey kissing Caesar during their freedom ride.


Thanks to Green Dogs Unleashed and the entire Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Team for getting Luke here to Virginia.

Luke and Snowflake where rescued by Green Dogs Unleashed.


Thanks to Karla at iRescue for rescuing deaf catahoula girl Kirstie


Photo above: Christina Lee with Deaf Dogs Rock on the Roanoke to Staunton leg of Mina’s transport to Troy, VA. 

Photo above: The last 50 miles of our transport we had a rainbow in front of us that was the most amazing rainbow I had ever seen. 

We had someone list Mina available for adoption on our website but instead of listing her I reached out to her person and shared our Deaf Dogs Rocker Puppy Program with her and let her know if she would let us sponsor Mina into a partner rescue like Green Dogs Unleashed she would go into foster care and begin her sign training, potty training, and socialization with an experienced foster while potential adoption applications where screened so the perfect match could be found for this little Princess.

Photo above: Sharon Poff pictured with deaf puppy Mina. She and her husband Don drove to Wytheville, VA to pick Mina up and bring her to me in Salem, VA. 

Thanks to Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Team for getting Mina safely from Columbia, TN to Troy VA.

Dandelion and Empress

I had the pleasure of doing one of the transport legs of the Highway Heroes transport of our Rocker Puppies Dandelion and Empress to Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue in Troy, VA.


Bingo enjoying his freedom ride into rescue. Thanks to Shreveport Bossier City Dog Rescue for pulling Bingo (formerly Crackers) into rescue. Bingo is HW+ and will be starting his HW medication soon.

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