Marcella is a sweet 2 year old girl who has been at the shelter for six months and is really struggling in the shelter environment. She was found as a stray in Newark and unfortunately in the overcrowded shelter, she is not getting the training or attention that she needs as a deaf dearie girl. She’s friendly with dogs and the ideal home is with teenagers! Marcella is well behaved in her kennel but when given the chance, she is very eager to walk and explore the outdoors! Let’s find this girl a loving home!


She is looking for a  home with a dog savvy person who can  help her and commit to daily positive reinforcement training and enrichment.


Deaf Dogs Rock is offering a $200 rescue sponsorship to a reputable foster based 501c3 rescue (screened and approved by the shelter) to pull Marcella and get her into rescue, have her fostered until a loving forever home can be found. Treasure’s Hope is also offering a $400 sponsorship to an ethical foster-based rescue that pulls her.