Makis is a beautiful 3 year old white deaf boxer adopted from Florida Boxer Rescue. Makis has earned his Therapy Dog status and now can work to help others. This is a huge accomplishment for a deaf dog or for any do for that matter.


Makis is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. Makis will show everyone  just how wonderful rescued special needs dogs can truly be when someone take the time to train them to be the best dogs they can be.

Makis has overcome two hurdles in his early life. You see, Makis is a deaf dog rescued from a county shelter. He was scared, hungry and not sure where his life was going to take him. Makis was rescued by Florida Boxer Rescue and placed in a foster home for short time before he began to build trust, eat, and started to learn his sign commands by learning American Sign Language. ASL is an effective training language for deaf and hearing impaired dogs of all ages.  Makis was so eager to learn new commands that he would get so excited each time he learned a new sign and figured out what to do. We could all  see a light bulb go off in his the expression of his face by the reaction and excitement once he started connecting the signs to each command.

Makis soon realized his purpose in life was pleasing people. He was heading in the right direction for the first time in his life. Makis now lives in his forever home where he receives endless amounts of love, trust, confidence and  training. The training  is required to inspire and teach Makis to be a good canine citizen who can be a contributing family member and to help others in his community.

Makis is ready to show the World that indeed“DEAF DOGS REALLY ROCK”


Congratulations to Makis family the Cuellar Family for giving Makis the foundation to be the best dog he can be! According to my deaf dogs Nitro and Bud, Makis and his family totally ROCK!