Meet adoptable 4 year old deaf Australian Cattle Dog (blue heeler)  Maise who is looking for a loving forever home.

From her caregiver/advocate: Maisie is a white with black spots Australian Cattle Dog. She knows basic sign language. She’s a joyful dog who loves sticks (specifically running around the yard chewing on them and barking with glee). She’s amazing at fetch and catching the frisbee. She was adopted as a 2 month old puppy from the Humane Society. We didn’t know she was deaf when we adopted her but when we discovered this, we brought out the sign language. She caught on very quickly and really seems to love doing her tricks when we give her the commands. Because of her deafness, she prefers to keep us always in sight so she knows where we are at all times. If she falls asleep and we are not where she left us, she panics until she finds us., but that has made her excellent at hide and seek! Maisie is more of a people dog than a dog dog. She loves meeting new people and getting pets from them. Once you pet her though, you better be in the mood to throw a stick or toy because as soon as you show interest, she brings you her most beloved stick or toy.

Maisie is kennel trained but prefers to sleep with you on your bed or at the foot of the bed on the floor. Maisie lives for the treats and food that might fall on the floor. She’s a greedy dog and will lick clean a plate if it’s left out where she can get it. However, she doesn’t have any tummy issues and does well with any dog food and responds well to dog food changes.

Maisie is definitely an alpha dog. She doesn’t submit easily. That is probably the hardest part about her. However, once she gets to know you and she trusts you, she submits a little more easily. We do have to give her a sedative to go to the vet. She doesn’t do well with being restrained or put in positions that she doesn’t want to get into so the sedatives help make sure she gets the proper care she needs.

Maisie is all around a phenomenal dog. She’s got a ton of energy so it would be best if she were in a home where play time outside is abounding and she is taken on walks frequently. She does excellent on a leash–she might pull at first due to excitement but once you get going, she settles down and walks well. However, one of her most favorite activities is basking in the sun outside or on the window sill (she sometimes more resembles a cat than a dog). Maisie would probably do best in a home where she is the only dog unless the other dog is quick to be submissive with her. How she does with cats or other animals is unknown but cats would probably be a no no. Overall, she is so loving and adores people.

Maise’s adoption fee is $100 and you must live within a four hour drive of Euless TX. To be considered for adoption please email Parker to send you a blank adoption application to be considered.