Meet adoptable deaf 1.5 year old Lab mix Maddox who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.

From his rescue:

Hi! My name is Maddox. I am about 1.5 years old, a boy, and weigh about 75 pounds. I am in Pittsburgh. I am a Labrador mix. I am partially deaf and can hear only loud noises. Similar to other dogs of my breed, I am very affectionate with my owner so likely would make a wonderful family dog. I am very sweet and will happily follow my person everywhere. I am very calm and love to sleep most of the day. Some would say I am lazy, but I say that I know how to conserve energy to play. I love to play and I often forget how big I am compared to my foster sisters. I like to initiate play by pawing them and then let them jump all over me as I run away being chased. I was raised on a 60 acre farm with my brother and our distant relatives, many little chihuahuas. I would like to have a good sized yard to run around in. Once I get to know the dog, size does not matter to me. I do have a high prey drive, so I probably should not live with cats. I did come from a farm with cats and was told that I did annoy the cats. I probably could go with a cat able to hold its own against an annoying dog. I am very smart. I have learned some new hand signals, am crate trained, potty trained, and no longer food aggressive with my foster sisters. I do bark at strangers because I get nervous, but I am all bark and no bite. My deep bark might scare someone away, but I would never hurt anyone.

More about Maddox: Name: Maddox
· Male or female? Male
· Approximate Age: 1.5 years old
· Breed (cat or dog): lab mix
· Weight: 75 lbs
· Any impairments: Deaf
· Potty trained? yes
· Crate trained? yes
· Good with other dogs? yes
· Good with cats? Kinda, he does show too much interest in them so may be too annoying
· Good with kids? 10 or older due to his impairment and his size, or experienced younger kids
· Location: Pittsburgh
· Energy level (high/med/low):low energy