Luna is a five-year-old mixed breed deaf dog who is currently looking for a loving forever home. She weighs about 50 pounds, is spayed, and up-to-date on all vaccinations and heart worm preventative. She is house-trained, crate-trained, and walks well on leash. Her favorite spot is wherever her people are, often touching us in some way so she knows when we get up or move. Our previous home had a doggie door, which Luna enjoyed using.

Luna knows some signs and visual commands as well, and loves to please! She is a very sweet, charming dog that depends on her people to feel secure and loved. She is extremely gentle with all members of our family, including our two children (ages two and fourteen). With guests, once she knows you are a friend, she is all wiggles and kisses, often wanting all of the attention for herself. Everyone who meets her instantly loves her!

Luna is a great dog that is obedient, gentle with humans, and wants to please her people. She’s smart, learns quickly, and loves to play. Especially with her stuffed toys! We think she uses the squeaker as her “voice” and will squeak endlessly as she runs around the house showing everyone! She is very patient when waiting for her treats or food, loves to run and play outside, and is the “great protector” of our backyard and home-keeping a close eye out for birds flying over, squirrels in the trees, or people walking by! She must bark and protect us at all costs! Ha! :-) Luna would make an amazing companion as an only dog with no children, or older children in the home. We have also been told by a dog behaviorist that evaluated her that she may do well in a home with docile/submissive male dogs.