Luna is an adoptable, sweet, deaf 8 month old, solid white, deaf bully mix with giant adorable ears who is currently looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, teach her new things and always keep her safe.

She is currently 31 pounds of pure joy. She is funny, alert, eager and very friendly and highly active, a super sweetheart with lots of energy and affection. She gets along well with other dogs, except for when she occasionally plays a bit too rough. We have been trying to teach her Gentle. She will try to play with cats and will chase only if they run.

She is eager to learn and interact with you, but as a puppy, she can be easily distracted. We have been working with her on Sit, Down, Come and Spin with hand signals and she picks things up fast. Highly food motivated. When she gets bored and starts to try to get into things she shouldn’t, I have found that spending 5-10 minutes working on simple obedience training goes a long way to get her to calm down. She has come a good way about walking on a leash but still needs more work. Leashes seemed to make her nervous at first. She is initially timid when going into a new place or getting into a car but rides well.

Luna spent a lot of time in a crate or on an enclosed porch till a foster was found. She does well in a crate but is sometimes resistant to go in one, and she isn’t housetrained yet but is working on it. This can be fixed with time and patience, she learns fast.

She would be a great dog for someone who is young and active, and wants a close companion.