Meet adoptable deaf dog Luna Lovegood who is a 1.5 year old looking for a loving forever  home with someone who will make positive reinforcement training/socialization/exercise a priority and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: This is Luna Lovegood. She is a 1 1/2 year old, deaf pitbull mix who we rescued last summer before moving to Kansas City. We unfortunately need to rehome her in the interest of her well being. As a puppy she deserves more cuddles, love, and attention than we can grant her now that we have a newborn child. We have never done this before or expected to rehome her at any point but it has become abundantly clear that she would be happier with a better family.

Luna is good with other dogs (big or small) and cats, as she has lived with two cats and a large dog since August. She also does well with children, but is in desperate need of training so that she can remain calm around smaller children and guests. She loves everybody she meets and is very social with people and other dogs.

She comes with all her shots and vet paperwork, her crate, favorite toys, Rex specs, dog bed, and the food we currently feed her. Luna is in a need of a home that can exercise her daily and put time into training her (though it won’t take long, she is incredibly smart!). She walks well on a leash, she is potty trained, she is crate trained, and she knows the command “sit”.

I hope to find a family that will love her, play with her, and train her like she deserves. Shelters around us are not accepting new dogs, and with her being deaf I am particularly worried about her chances of being adopted. She behaves quite well under normal circumstances and her being deaf is only an issue when you try to get her attention (which can be fixed with training). She sleeps through EVERYTHING and love love loves to cuddle humans. Her energy is to be expected as she is a puppy still, but when she’s had a long day of play she is the sweetest to sleep with at night.

If she does not receive enough attention or exercise throughout the day she will act out by chewing something up in the yard or digging a hole where there isn’t grass. She is used to being allowed on all furniture, and will spoon you in bed at night or sleep in her crate. She is used to my husband and I working from home 24/7, so it would be preferable if she went to a home where someone works from home. We will not consider people not committed to exercising and playing with her daily, she will also require a fenced yard.

Please let me know if you or someone you know might be a good fit for her and we can discuss her transition and do a home visit. We are in the Kansas City metro area but are willing to travel 2 hours outside that radius. We are asking for $150 to secure her in the best possible home and to supplement the cost of all her things and vetting.