Meet adoptable deaf 12 week old (DOB – 11/22/23) Great Pyrenees/Lab mix puppy Luna who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her,  make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep her safe. Since she is a working breed she would do well with a big fenced in secure yard so she will stay safe.

From her current caregiver: Luna is a lovely deaf gentle laid back puppy. She is quickly learning sign language and she is a very easy going puppy.

Luna is about twelve weeks old. She is one half Great Pyrenees and I think Labrador Retriever. She is going to be a large dog and I am guessing she will be about seventy to ninety pounds when she is full grown.

Luna is in excellent health. I do not know if she has had her puppy shots and she is not spayed yet but she is only 12 weeks old

She is excellent around children, chickens, ducks and other dogs.

Please give Luna a very loving home where she can become your new best friend and she will always be safe and happy. If you live near Lead Hill Arkansas and can give Luna a safe and loving  home, please contact Sara to find out about her adoption fees and get a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered for adoption at: