Update 3/10/23: Sweet Ludwig is now with iRescue in Killeen TX and doing well.

Meet adoptable deaf dog Ludwig who is currently looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe.


Hi, I’m Ludwig! I’m probably not completely deaf. Humans tell me I’m just hard of hearing, but I don’t know life any other way. The other cool thing about me is that I’m a tripod! Four legs are overrated: I’m super cool with three. I was in a home for a while, but I get scared when I’m alone and don’t know what’s happening.

I may or may not have destroyed a crate. I just couldn’t help it. I’m gorgeous and friendly and that should make up for it! My previous human was an elderly woman. She was really nice to me, but I think I was more than she could handle. It’s ok, I understand. I really want a forever home with some humans who will understand my awesome uniqueness!