Lucy – Adopted

Lucy – Adopted

Update 10/19/17: Great news sweet rescue deaf dog Lucy has officially been adopted! A big shout out to International Street Dog Foundation for flying Lucy to the U.S and taking her into their rockin rescue and finding her a loving forever home! According to our head dogs here at Deaf Dogs Rock, ISDF totally ROCKS! ~ Christina Lee – DDR


Meet sweet deaf dog Lucy who was rescued from Tunisia and brought to the United States where she will have the opportunity to live in a loving home with a person who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From Tina: On a trip to Tunisia, Azza Malalk and I decided to visit the Arts and Crafts fair at the Tunis Convention Center. As we were departing, we saw an adorable little white dog on the ground completely lifeless next to a pile of trash. At first we thought she was asleep, then came to realize she was so ill that she was unable to move, hear, or see.

We saw a caretaker in the parking lot who said Lucy belonged to her but she had thrown her out because she had gotten so sick. Poor Lucy refused to be thrown out and continued to follow her owner to work every day. She became more and more ill from neglect, and eventually collapsed in the parking lot where she eventually would have died. Luckily we discovered her because she didn’t have much time left. We took her to the vet immediately where she began treatment for extreme anemia, dehydration, and a life-threatening flea infestation.

Lucy was so ill that she had to spend another three months at the vet getting treatment. Fortunately she regained her sight within a few days of treatment but she remains deaf (she was likely born deaf). The kind young vet kept Lucy in the office during treatment, as there are no shelters or foster homes in Tunis. A few friends took Lucy on walks and to the beach while she slowly healed in the vet’s care.

After experiencing that moment of seeing Lucy in such a state, my heart had been touched forever and I decided to bring her to the USA to find her a family in Chicago. There is little hope for dogs like Lucy to find an adopter in Tunis, as dogs are not commonly kept as pets (especially street dogs). There are no shelters and street dogs are shot on site by the police (the government’s horrific attempt at managing the street dog population).

With Azza’s help, Lucy made a full recovery and is in Chicago looking for her new forever family. Lucy is guessed to be about 2 years old and is about 50 pounds. She it extremely affectionate and loves to be a lap dog. She loves car rides and is a very smart and alert girl. She is deaf but can pick up sign language very quickly.

Lucy appears to be a dalmation and pit bull mix. Lucy is a high energy dog who needs a home where she is given lots of exercise and opportunities to run and play with other doggy friends. Lucy is very vocal and would not do well in an apartment. She does very well with dogs and people.