It isn’t often we get a Happy Tail from Pretoria South Africa (actually we have never gotten a Happy Tail from South Africa) so it gives me great pleasure to feature Lucky’s Happy Tail written by Louis Kloke. Thanks Louis for sharing Lucky’s Happy Tail with us here at Deaf Dogs Rock. ~ Christina Lee – DDR


Lucky’s Happy Tail – by Louis Kloke from Pretoria South Africa

My name is now Lucky previous known as Zeppelin, don’t let the name LUCKY fool you because that wasn’t always the case, I want to tell you a little bit about me.
I was dumped in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road between Hermanus and Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape – South Africa
Helene Strydom from R A D the rescue goddess was on her way back from dropping Stan when I jumped out of the bushes on the gravel road in the middle of nowhere and gave her a right royal heart attack. I had a lot of ticks and goggas on me. She picked me up and when we arrive at R A D I was given a bath and dipped and the kind people at R A D feed me, loved me, cared for me and monitored me for other nasty diseases.
They were nearly 100% sure that I was deaf. If not completely, definitely mostly……
But….I was THE most docile, lovable, huggable, gentle puppy ever.

My foster mommy Helene reassured me that they will find me the best possible forever home as I would need to learn sign language and someone that would understand me, but in the meantime I was really enjoying all the attention I was getting and being loved and being told just how beautiful I am.

My forever family saw me on Border Collie Rescue facebook page and fell in love with me.
Once all the paperwork was done I was on a plane from Cape Town all the way to my new home in Pretoria.

My Mommy told me that it was the longest day in their lives as they waited for the time to tick by so that they could welcome me into their lives – I felt exactly the same, I just wanted my new family and to be loved.

When I saw my new family it was LOVE at first sight – they told me that I am so beautiful and precious and that they love me so much, and I loved them just as much and I am so grateful that they accepted me.

I once was lost and uncared for, but now I have my forever home. Lucky is my name and I consider myself that everyday because I am finally free and living life. I feel the sunshine on my face everyday, I have friends now and get to play with them. I finally have a family that loves me as much as I love them. Every Saturday I go to puppy school and learn lots and play with my school friends. I am only 12 weeks old now (10 February 2015) and with hand signals I can sit, lay down, come, stand, stay, tell my mommy and daddy when I need to go to the toilet and the best of all my mommy taught me the bring back the tennis ball when she throws it for me it is such fun to play ball I really love it. I am such a clever dog and I thank the Dear Lord the day that Helene was at the right place at the right time to find me and for finding me my forever family.

We sure didn’t need another dog…. But sometimes the dog picks you.

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” – Thom Jones, American Writer.