Lucky’s Happy Tail was sent in by Deborah Boley. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself Deborah, Justin, Sam and Naomi, totally ROCK!

On March 16, 2013 I saw a post that my friend Naomi Saccavino had shared from Soul Savers Rescue in Columbus Georgia. A beautiful deaf, white Pit was due to be put to sleep that day. Thanks to Soul Savers he was spared until Monday. They were posting in hopes of finding a foster for him.


I have seen thousands of posts regarding dogs in need of foster or forever homes and shared as many of them as possible. Each of them tore at my heart, I wished I could save them all. There was something about this dog that just kept drawing me back. I had fallen in love with him at first sight and couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kept going back to the site pleading for someone to save this baby. I even said that if someone could help me with transportation I would take him. Two young people in Columbus GA offered to do just that for us. Justin M. and Samantha B. said they would be willing to meet me half way, which would be around Charlotte NC so that this beautiful, nameless creature could be saved. Members of my family thought I was crazy and wondered why I would want a Pit, believing all the media hype about them. Their doubt about my decision only made me want him more. I knew they would fall in love when they met him.

Lucky with Justin

Lucky with Justin

On March 18, 2013 which was my birthday, Justin and Sam went to Columbus Animal Control and waited in line to rescue a dog with no name. We had decided the night before that his name would be Lucky. Lucky would go home with Justin until March 24 at which time he would travel with Justin and Sam to Charlotte NC to meet his new Mom and head to West Virginia.



Lucky’s Rescue Angels

I can’t believe it’s already been six months since Lucky’s Angels, as I call Justin and Sam, met me in North Carolina with Lucky. On March 26, 2013 I took Lucky to my vet. The vet said he was between nine months and a year old. He was tested for heartworms and was positive. My heart sank. I thought I was going to lose my beautiful boy almost as soon as I got him. That wasn’t the case. Lucky underwent treatment and is now heartworm negative.

 Lucky post surgery

I am not really sure what breed of dog Lucky is. The shelter had him listed as a Pit. The vet that he was taken to in Columbus after he was sprung from the shelter said he’s an American Bulldog. My vet has never said one way or the other. The only way to really know would be to have a DNA test done on him and it just doesn’t matter to me what he is. In my eyes he’s my baby and in his, he’s a lap dog. Either way, contrary to media opinion of dogs of his type, he is a gentle soul and has never met a person he doesn’t like. Oh and those Doubting Thomas’s in my family? They’re totally in love.

Happy Lucky