When I first saw Loopy Lou’s Agility video on YouTube I was blown away. Here is this awesome deaf dog ROCKING the Agility courses across the UK so I asked Julie Stallard if she would share Loopy Lou’s story with our readers here at Deaf Dogs Rock. Thanks Julie for taking the time to send us Loopy Lou’s story as well as great photos and her Agility video. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you, Mike, and Loopy Lou totally ROCK! Thanks for sharing! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Story told by Julie Stallard – MJS Agility 

I adopted Loopy Lou as a 16 wk old puppy from Hope Rescue in Wales. I was her 4th home bless her, everyone had said she was untrainable but think the video proves otherwise! We bonded immediately and she is extremely focused on me at all times which is great. Out of all 8 of our dogs ( we run an agility and behavioural training club near Bourne, Lincs UK www.mjsagility.co.uk ) she has the quickest recall.


Loopy Lou is going to be celebrating her 7th birthday in April. She has the knack of winning the hearts of all who meet her even though she can be a moody so and so at times.

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With our club we go to a childrens farm, Hatton Country World in Warwickshire, for 9 days each year to give daily agility demonstrations and Loopy Lou is a big hit with all ages.

Video courtesy of MJS Agility with Mike and Loopy Lou

From her sad start in life locked in a dirty shed at the bottom of the breeders garden to the dizzying heights of winning Pet of the Year in our local newspaper to attending my husband Mike and I’s wedding at at Dog Vegas, an agility show in Winterton, UK, last year she has had a fun packed life so far and I love her more than words could express.

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Kind regards,

Julie Stallard – MJS Agility