Lola’s Happy Tail is told by her human mommy Kayla.

Meet ‘Lola,’ the deaf pit bull. Our family of 5 (my husband, our daughter, two dogs and myself) decided we wanted another dog. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a pit bull. So we began our search.


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Lola and her sister Pip.

I was online searching for blue nose pits when I was directed by Google to a site called Prairie Pit Bull Rescue. A not for profit organization in place to give proper home placement to a breed that has a terrible time with this. From the second I laid eyes on Lola, who’s name at the time was ‘Squirrel,’ I couldn’t stop thinking about her. We had wavered the idea for about a week when we finally decided, yes.. We’re going to apply.

When Lola was a baby, her owners had cut her ears at home. Due to infection, Lola unfortunately lost her hearing and suffered some trauma to her eye sight.

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From our first meeting, we knew Lola was special. She instantly held a strong place in ALL of our hearts. Though she is still just a puppy and learning, so are we. Deaf dogs require a ton of patients, time and dedication. You cannot be lazy! Lola is almost fully trained in hand signals and light signals. She is still a trouble maker but we love her non the less!


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Lola and her fur brother and sister! She fits right in with everyone!


Note from Christina of Deaf Dogs Rock: A big shout out to Kayla and her family for taking the leap into the unknown by adopting Lola. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud, Bowie and myself Lola totally ROCKS!