Meet sweet adoptable deaf 4 year old (will be 4 in May) Dogo Argentino girl Lola who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, become her new best friend and always keep her safe.

From her advocate David: As long as I’ve known Lola and taken care of her, she has been the sweetest girl, she taught me a lot from watching her. Shes very intuitive and hyperaware of her surroundings a lot of times you can see how she studies her world like a young scientist.


From what I have seen Lola is a very grateful Dog and takes care of the things and people she is around. She gets along with the other dogs under our care even though she may get into barking matches with the others if she isn’t getting her pets and boy can she holler! She loves her walks with her friends here and for a 120 pound dog she doesn’t ever yank on the leash even if she gets excited. Safe to say she’s very affectionate, it does take a couple days for her to settle in but watch her personality blossom right in front of you!

Lola loves belly rubs she knows many hand signals and I daily practice with her as well as I try to sign to her with what little I know, and she always responds very well. She is calm inside the house and is housebroken. She does well in the yard we have for play and exercise and does well to ignore most farm animals in their pens. She will not try to get out of the fence as long as it is secure as I said she can be a scientist and all good scientists love to explore their world! We do not have any dogs interact with felines so just be mindful she is sweet and curious but may be afraid and/or too curious of the cats if you have any kids as well as she has been around little kiddos before but not for long enough for us to tell you how she would act as she doesn’t prefer her head being touched and prefers a calm space she has met my baby and did well but as we all most know kids can be a handful! It may take time for her to settle in and she may be hypervigilant of her new surroundings as she has been our longest resident here at the shelter but with a little time and a lot of love she’ll be the perfect dog for you.