I asked Maggie Lazur to send us her story about her deaf dog Lola who recently passed away. I wanted the world to know more about Lola because she left behind a her very own Legacy in our dog world. Thanks Maggie for loving Lola, being her advocate, and giving a Rocker Dog like Lola the opportunity to shine bright  in her short time on this Earth. Run free Lola! ~ Christina

Lola Leaves A Legacy by Maggie Lazure

We had recently lost our old dog, Jeter, unexpectedly when he had what we believe was a stroke only 11 months after adopting him. Devastated, we decided to wait to adopt again until “the right dog” came along. A few months later I saw Lola’s adoption profile on the MCSPCA’s Facebook page. She was stunning: smooth white coat, one beautiful blue eye- and she was deaf. I knew immediately that this dog and I were meant to be together. My husband did not want to adopt “a pit bull”, especially one with special needs. But once he met her and saw how gently she took treats out of his hand, he quickly changed his mind. Our lives changed forever that day we adopted 6 month old Lola!

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The next few years were a whirlwind. Lola was a fiercely loyal and loving dog. She became my shadow (as most deaf dogs do) and literally was by my side 24 hours a day. She was a playful goof ball who loved to shred stuffed toys, work on a tightly packed meaty Kongs, and play tug. She was one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. In some respects, she could “hear” better than hearing dogs!

Lola loved all dogs and was especially fantastic with puppies. When at doggie daycare in her younger years, would hang out with the pups since they had no mommy around. Lola was also chosen to be featured in Melissa McDaniel’s Deaf Dogs Book. Her photographs were also chosen for the Deaf Dogs calendar. Lola inspired me to create a dog walking group where her breed wouldn’t be judged. It transformed into so much more, and now is a non-profit which focuses on educating the public about responsible dog ownership and dispelling the stereotypes associated with pit bulls. Because of Lola, lots of other dogs were given the opportunity to socialize and interact safely.

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Unfortunately, Lola was also plagued with medical problems. She wound up needing four surgeries on both knees/legs over the course of that many years, needed a prescription diet, and developed severe anxiety/fear issues at a young age which required continued pharmacological intervention. Sadly, the pain and fear was too debilitating for Lola to live comfortably anymore. On September 9th, we decided to free Lola from her chronic pain and suffering.

Right up to the end, her unwavering love for us shined through. She taught me the true meaning of compassion and selflessness. Although I know one day we’ll welcome another dog into our family, I will never have a dog as special as Lola. She was my true doggie soul mate and will always be in my heart.