Meet adoptable deaf dog Lola who is looking for a loving forever home with a person where she can be the center of attention and be the only dog.

From her current caregiver: Lola has been with me about 9 yrs old. I got her in 2015 and was told she was 6 months old at the time. She is spayed, never had pups. She is deaf and loves human/kids contact/attention, she loves to meet new people and gets excited to show what she knows. I taught her a few tricks using our own made up, simple hand signs, maybe 12 to 15 commands some she does better than others but loves to please and is very smart.

Lola loves car rides and sits well in the car. She has never shown any aggressions towards any person but she would do better as an only dog. We can go to the dog park and Lola minds her manners but will stand her ground if bullied (once at dog park when another dog would not back off her backside). She does not share food, Milk Bones (cookies), or human attentions very well with other dogs and has shown resource guarding towards other dogs (two other dogs that live here) over these things.

Being single I was able to manage them and I guess began to normalize the occasional fight between them but since my significant other who is expecting a baby and has let me know that this can’t or won’t be tolerated and so I am in search of the good loving home that she deserves.