When I saw Loki’s trick video shared by his mama Jaclyn, I just had to share Loki’s story with all of our Deaf Dogs Rock community. Jaclyn was kind enough to help Loki tell his story with all for our Deaf Dogs Rock family. We love when we see a family go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to training their deaf dog. I can tell from watching their training videos, they have so much fun. I also enjoy the fact Jaclyn uses positive reinforcement dog training with Loki. Positive Reinforcement training can be so rewarding not just for the dog but for the humans as well.

Be sure to check out Loki and Jaclyn’s trick videos. Rock on Loki and Jaclyn, rock on!

~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Video 1 “Amazing Deaf Dog Tricks by Loki

Video 2 – Deaf Dog Tricks (performed by deaf dog Loki)

Loki’s Happy Tail written by Jaclyn Tarrant

From Loki: When I was 7 months old, my family realized that I was deaf, so they decided that they didn’t want me anymore. They hadn’t treated me very nicely and they didn’t love me, so I wasn’t too torn up about leaving. My family surrendered me to the amazing rescue, Hear No Evil, Australian Deaf Dog Rescue. That’s how I found my new family.

Loki 3

The rescue group needed someone to foster and train me so that I could be adopted. Then a lady showed up, and I was told she would be my foster mum until I found my forever family. I screamed my head off until she got to me. Then she made the mistake of sitting down and I nearly knocked her over! I didn’t mean to of course. I didn’t realize that I was a whole 35kg! When we got to my foster mum’s car, she buckled me into the back seat to make sure I was safe. I screamed the whole way back to her house. Then when she went to the bathroom and closed the door, I screamed some more because I couldn’t see her. It was very scary stuff. I couldn’t stand not being around people. It turns out that I had something called separation anxiety, and I had it bad! But aside from this, I was a beautiful, sweet, loving little beastie, so it didn’t take long for me to be adopted…by my foster mum!



As it turns out, my foster mum was really my new forever family, and she says that I’m her fur baby. I also have a fur sister named Ruby and I love her. My new mum changed my name too, from Shady to Loki, after the Norse god of mischief and chaos. Not sure why!!

So I guess you’re wondering how this whole separation anxiety thing turned out. Well I’m pleased to say that after several broken doors and other various exit points, millions of fence jumping attempts (and successes), a horde of dog baby sitters to look after me while mum was at work training other people’s dogs, and a lot of work and training, I gradually built my way up to cope with being left alone. As long as I had my big little sister Ruby with me, I was as happy as a pig in mud!

Loki 4


There was that one time when I got a fish hook stuck in my nostril, and the other end got stuck in mum’s thumb when she tried to get it out. Then we were stuck together and we were screaming so loud that the neighbour raced over thinking somebody was dying! It took three grownups to hold me still while the paramedic separated mum and I. Then I went off the vets to have the hook removed and mum went off to hospital.


My mum is learning sign language so that she can communicate with me better. Mum says I’m super smart. I learned all my basic obedience really quickly, and then went on to learn what mum calls, ‘Advanced Tricks.’ I already know loads of signs. I love training because every time I do something good, my mum gives me a delicious treat, or plays a fun game with me. My big sister Ruby tells me I’m not up to her standards yet, but she’s a lot older than me. When I grow up I want to be on television and in movies, and show everybody that deaf dogs are super duper smart and we can do anything all the other dogs can do. My mum even tells me that deaf dogs are sometimes easier to train than dogs that can hear, because we don’t get distracted by something called noise.

Loki 5



All in all I have a pretty good life. I have loads of doggy friends, and even some cat friends, I get loads of love from my mum and anyone who meets me (because I’m so handsome) and I get to share the bed snuggling with my mum and sister at night.

Loki 1