I’d like to introduce you to Lilith. We’ve been fostering this adorable, tiny, pit mix for nearly a year. Vets and trainers don’t think that she was born deaf, but that her deafness is, in part, due to the severe abuse and malnutrition she suffered before she was rescued. We got her as an exhausted, skinny, terrified, mouse. Now she’s a vibrant, adorable monster! We’ve had her adopted 3 times and she comes back every time because they just can’t commit to the time it takes to learn her language.

Lilith has been to a board and train with an excellent trainer and she knows some seriously cool stuff, she just needs her human to reinforce it. We’re so heartbroken for her. She absolutely adores kids, but she gets so excited that she does her best pitty chomps. This can be kind of scary for little ones, but older kids seem to understand she’s just so happy to see them.

She does fine with dogs that are patient and mellow. Her rough former life has given her some fear responses to dogs that come on too strong. We love her, but this baby deserves her very own person! I can promise more kisses and snuggles than you can stand and the unmitigated joy of watching this little girl prance around your yard chasing a stick all on her own. She is in Pocatello, Idaho, part of the Aiding 2 Adoption Rescue- A2A Rescue program.