Leila – Adopted

Update 4/20/17: We have great news! Deaf dog Leila has been adopted!

Leila is a very special pup. Leila is completely deaf, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She is a big goof ball. Leila’s days are filled with chasing her tail, protecting her foster parents from the shadows and the dark, playing with her foster sibling and cuddling up for a nice long nap. She is only 9 months old but she is a big girl for her age.


Leila loves other dogs almost too much. When her foster sister lets out a “get out of my face” grumble Leila is none the wiser. She is lucky her foster sibling is very tolerant of her puppy antics. Leila would love a home with a dog that can play along with her without getting frustrated. Leila also takes cues from other dogs in the home like when to go outside or when to come back in. Leila learns quickly and would do will with a dog savvy cat.

Leila is learning hand signal commands. She has sit and paw down, and she is almost potty trained. Leila is not the biggest fan of her crate but once you convince her to go in she will fall asleep until you let her out and wake her up. She is crated during the day while her foster is at work and sleeps in her crate at night as well. Leila is learning not to be so mouthy, but like a typical puppy she will often try to chew on your hands or toes. Leila loves to play with chew toys, balls, ropes and kongs filled with peanut butter. Leila has a lot of energy. She goes and goes until she’s ready to nap and then she will cuddle by you, preferably under the blankets.

As Leila is in her “toddler stage” of puppyhood she is learning a lot.

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