Lamby is an absolutely adorable and sweet 2 year old pit mix. She came in with her sister, after being abandoned in a house and locked in a room left to starve to death. They were found with a destroyed door after they were trying to claw their way out. Her sister and her found a home together, but Lamby seemed to get a little too overstimulated in the house with children and another dog.  She would do best in a home with Adults only and someone willing to work with her making daily positive reinforcement training and enrichment a priority.

Her foster family said she was starting to get a little mouthy and trying to bite to take her frustration out, so Lamby would do best in a gentle and calm home with not a lot of action going on. She is a very loving and gentle girl overall, we think she just needs to find the right home where she can truly shine and learn to be the best dog she can be. She’s already started learning some commands (like a fist for “sit”) and is so smart that further hand signals should come very easily to her. She is terrified of being in the shelter, and we would love to find her a home as soon as possible.


Please consider giving this beautiful girl the second chance at life that she deserves!

(Lamby is not 100% deaf, as she has sometimes reacted to sounds around her, but she is very hard of hearing)