Laila is the best dog we ever had! She is the most amazing pup! We still call her puppy even though she is going on 4 years old. When we purchased her from the breeder we had no idea the issues she had. Apparently, she had been fed raw ground beef in the attempts to fatten her up which resulted in her being very sick once we got her home.


She was 6 lbs when we brought her home and it took about a week before we were certain that she could not hear. At that point, we loved her to “deaf” and it didn’t matter what was wrong with her.

Although she can’t hear she certainly has a set of skills that allows her to adapt to her environment. She doesn’t know she can’t hear. In fact, she doesn’t know that she’s not 6 lbs anymore.

We have trained her ourselves to sit, lie down, stay and come. Her nose is super sensitive and can tell who has entered the house by reflections on the wall or the scent of the person that comes in. If she can’t sleep touching someone then she will lay in the doorway so she can feel the vibrations when someone attempts to leave the room.

She’s a big baby and is a HUGH joy in our lives. We still talk to her like she can hear and treat her like she wasn’t a special needs dog. She offers her own challenges that’s or sure but we wouldn’t trade her for the world!

This Happy Tail was submitted by S. Pickle and in the photo above is  her deaf white boxer named Laila Ali Pickle. Thanks Miss Pickle for sharing Laila’s story with Deaf Dogs Rock.