Meet adoptable deaf senior dog Lacey who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Lacy looks like: Mastiff Mix – She is 11 years old and 77 pounds of pure joy.

Besides being the most friendly big ol’ cuddle bug, Lacey is also the funniest hunk of a goofball! She knows how to keep her crowd entertained with her hilarious, loud, throaty howl, her full-body tail wags, and her sprawled out way of sitting. One of her specialty moves is pivoting on her rear end to get love from people sitting on either side of her. She loves to stare at you with her wise, all-knowing eyes and plop herself down in the middle of the kitchen floor when cooking is happening. Beyond her endless antics, Lacey loves everyone, from young to old. She is very lively and wiggly when meeting someone new. Other dogs she regards with a friendly hello and a quick sniff, but they do not hold her interest for long. She has lived with a dog-savvy feline friend, but she can be a bit over-enthusiastic about meeting new cats. Lacey enjoys several slow-paced, shorter walks each day, weaving, wandering, and sniffing everything there is to sniff. After her walk, she generally takes a good long nap and loves to spend the majority of the day lounging, preferably in a patch of sun. When left home alone, she may cry for a short bit and then settle down for a nap. Lacey needs a helping hand to get into a car. Once she is in, she loves to stick her head out of the window, or, if the window is not down, she just lays down quietly.

Lacey is deaf and she definitely likes to follow her people around the house to keep track of them. If she wakes up from a nap and does not see her person, she can get slightly confused or worried. This sweet gal would appreciate a home where someone is home most of the time to give her lots of love and attention. She is very flexible about how many folks are in the household, she just wants to be with people. She would be very happy as a single dog but would also get along with a canine companion.

This sweetheart was surrendered because her guardian had to move into her mother’s home to take care of her. She can’t have any large dogs in the home.