Meet adoptable 3 year old bully mix Kiwi who is looking for a loving forever home where he will be the only dog. Kiwi is 52 pounds of pure joy! Kiwi is neutered and Heartworm positive (please check with the shelter about the HW treatment).

Kiwi is a deaf dog who only wants to live his life like any other dog. Deafness in dogs is not normally associated with any other health issues, and deaf dogs can live full, happy, and long lives. Kiwi goes on daily walks, plays with toys, enjoys playgroup with other dogs, although he can be a little selective and plays quite rough. He knows multiple commands like sit and down in American Sign Language (ASL).


In his prior home, Kiwi was housetrained and crate-trained, but he did not do well living with another dog who may not have understood Kiwi’s deafness. Therefore he is looking for a single dog home. Living with a deaf dog does require some extra attention.


Routines and knowing what to expect are very important to deaf dogs. You’ll need to protect them from unsafe situations they may not notice such as cars whizzing by and always keep them on leash when in public since they can’t hear you calling them back. Luckily, deaf dogs like Kiwi have learned to pay even more attention to their surroundings and to their trusted people, making them excellent companion animals.

Kiwi is currently at the Williamson County Animal Center – 1006 Grigsby Hayes Court, Franklin TN 37064  – If you are interested in adopting him or need more information about him, please contact: