Meet adoptable deaf dog Kitty who is looking for a forever home for her and her sister Poppy (who is hearing). Since they are a bonded pair their caregiver is looking for a loving home where they can go to their new home together.

From their caregiver: Kitty and Poppy are litter mates who are inseparable.

Poppy is white with vibrant red patches, with marbled blue and brown eyes. Kitty is merled with mostly white legs and piercing ice blue eyes. Though Poppy is rambunctious sometimes, she loves cuddles and being carried like a baby (and even piggyback rides). She is the goofiest kid and is always ready to wrestle. Poppy is a mediating personality despite how much of a joker she can be. She’s hardly ever Kittyserious, and that’s why she is good with her sister Kitty. Whenever Poppy is in play mode, she looks like a flying squirrel from all the running jumps! She is very good with other dogs if you ever go to the dog park.


Kitty is slightly deaf and slightly blind. She loves eye contact and loves cuddles as much as her sister. Kitty is a subdued character but her sister sometimes hypes her up! Kitty and Poppy would do well with older kids (only because they like to jump for hugs), no cats, and preferably no other dogs. Kitty isn’t an insecure dog despite her not being able to see or hear all that her sister does. For example, Kitty will sleep through the siren testing but Poppy will react. And, when it’s treat time, Poppy will try to catch the treat, but Kitty won’t because her depth perception isn’t great. Since Kitty stares, some dogs might read her as being rude so they may be aggressive towards her. She has been attacked before for this, but she really means no harm. Though she has had a traumatic experience being attacked, she is still sweet.

They are 2 years old. Both fixed, micro-chipped, and up to date on shots. They do not mark and are house trained.

We are looking to rehome these gals because we know they deserve the best. We have decided this because they weren’t interested in being hunting dogs like their brothers, so they became mine to foster but it’s been hard to find the right family, and I am unfortunately was already at max capacity before they came along. I feared they would become breeding dams if I didn’t fix them, and I’m glad I did before they were older or else they would have started marking. If I had more space, keeping them wouldn’t be an issue, though I know they deserve a family that can devote completely to JUST them compared to how my time is spread too thin among my obligations.