Meet adoptable deaf/vision impaired, 14 month old, Great Dane/pit mix Kingsley who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement touch training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe. Kingsley wants to become a member of the family where he will live inside with his humans but also have access to a secure fenced in yard.

From his rescue advocate: Who is looking for a special boy? We have a pair of brothers who are deaf and vision impaired.

So here is their info: Kingsley was born 1/8/23 . We were told that Kingsley is a Great Dane/pit mix.  Kingsley is deaf but does appear to have some vision at this time. He likes to stick close to you and he tends to try and walk between my legs. He is very loving and good with other dogs. He would do better with kids 12+ who have a healthy respect for dogs. We are still working on manners and potty training. He is fully vetted, on HW preventions and will be micro-chipped.

He will require a physically fenced yard for his safety  (no exceptions). We expect he will be large sized when full grown.

Kingsley is a bit more of a velcro sort of dog. He is deaf but responds to touch and knows our daily routine for what it is.  He does have some vision and like Boone can navigate around the house and yard with no issues, but sometimes he doesn’t see the up close items.  He also uses the doggy door to go outside and potty and he is a bit bigger than Boone and likely closer to the 70-75 lbs.  He is other dog friendly, he likes to know where I am and tends to locate me.  He very much likes love and affection and laying under my feet in the evening when we are watching TV or he will go curl up on a doggy bed with one of the other dogs.

Please don’t apply for this pup out of sympathy because he doesn’t know that he is “special”. He deserves a family who can provide him the care, love and training that he will need going forward. This will require work and effort on the part of his family, but these kinds of dogs can make the best family members, and we hope there is a family, who will give him a chance to have their happy ever after.

Kingsley’s adoption fee is $100 and he is located in Cookeville, TN. If you think you are the right family for him (or for his brother Boone), please fill out the application on our website This dog is not available for transport, you would need to come to TN to pick him up.