Kelso is a 4 month old deaf Bully Breed Mix looking for a home of his own with someone who will make daily positive reinforcement training/socializaton/enrichment a priority, cherish him and always keep him safe.


Kelso is a total sweetie pie and LOVES people. He loves snuggling on the couch – with both people and dogs. He is confident and loves learning. He is very food and toy motivated. He is confident, brave, and loves to explore. Kelso has been respectful of dogs here but can be a bit much for some dogs because he is deaf and unable to read social cues. He would do well with other tolerant dogs who are around his size or bigger. Kelso has shown some interest in chasing the cats here but is otherwise gentle with them. With some continued work in his new home, I do not foresee any immediate issues with him and cats but it will take being proactive. He also does do some resource guarding of food and other high value items, but it is easily managed and he is in foster care with 6 other dogs and has had no issues as long as he is fed separately and his bowl put away when not in use.

We are working on crate and house training with Kelso. He is doing well but is still very much a puppy. He is not a fan of the cold and prefers to wear a warm sweater when outside in the snow! He will likely be a larger dog when he is finished growing, as he is currently a bit of a beefcake.

Kelso is currently being fostered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but we would be willing to let him go outside of our typical adoption radius because I do not foresee any issues with him (so far). His new family would be required to come pick him up.