Meet adoptable 4.5 month old deaf Catahoula puppy Kelly who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.


From her rescue: Kelly is a sweet & very curious Catahoula mix. She has a lovely red merle and white coat, and an adorable pink nose. She was born blind (mostly — she may be able to make out shadows) & deaf (mostly — she can hear high pitches). She is 4 months old and about 27 lbs. She lets her nose guide her and should be very trainable based off her keen sense of smell and natural instincts.
Kelly loves to be around her people and takes comfort knowing someone is around. She can be in a safe secure yard with stimulants like Kongs and other interactive toys that she’d have to “work” with to get treats out of. She’d especially thrive with another dog to keep her company. Kelly does play a little rough and is still having a hard time picking up on cues from other dogs since she can’t see or hear, so she should not be unsupervised with small dogs.


She likes to sleep with a person at night. In her former foster home Kelly learned to navigate the stairs, and picked up on the family schedule and would move from bed to bed as people got up and started their day. She can get into trouble if left unattended in the home — she will counter surf, knock things over, find herself “stuck” on a table, dig through trash etc. She would do great with an active family that can give her lots of attention and exercise, a home with a secure yard and a confident medium-large sized dog(s) that can help show her the ropes and would be tolerant of her puppy energy.