I love some of the great stories we are receiving here at Deaf Dogs Rock which include deaf dogs participating in competition events such as Obedience, Rally, and Agility. What a great way to advocate for deaf dogs by earning competition titles in many of these sanctioned competitions. By deaf dog owners participating in such events this brings awareness and education through action by showing the general public how amazing deaf dogs can be with the help of a loving family with a strong commitment to consistent positive reinforcement training and socialization.

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Our next Deaf Dogs Competition dog featured here in Deaf Dogs Rock is Kaos. She is a smart, high energy, Parson Russell Terrier who continues to ROCK her Agility and Rally trials. Thanks to Jennifer Dentino for taking the time to send us Kaos’ story and photos. According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, you both ROCK!

~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Kaos Rocks Her Agility Trials by Jennifer Dentino

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I was truly blessed in 2008 when a friend told me about a little deaf, Parson Russell Terrier puppy that needed a home. Meet my Kaos!

I knew training a deaf pup would present some challenges but Kaos doesn’t seem to see challenges in anything and continues to amaze me daily! Like my other dogs, I introduced her to the fun of Agility, Obedience and Rally with no intention of having her compete; I just wanted to bond with my dog. As is the norm with Kaos, she taught the trainer. Never limit yourself!

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We currently compete in ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) sanctioned events, as they allow deaf dogs to compete. Kaos has earned her Rally Novice Title (RN) and two Agility Titles, Regular Agility Standard – Novice (RS-N) and Jumpers Agility Standard – Novice (JS-N). My little deaf pup has taught me so much about life, training, patience, the gift of being able to laugh at yourself and never giving up.

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Kaos lives up to her name but she has brought so much love and joy to my life!