The core mission of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program is to set up each deaf puppy/dog for success by sending them into a experienced special needs rescue where they go into a experienced deaf dog foster home that is committed to training and socializing each deaf dog that comes into their care. This way each foster advocate gets the opportunity to live with the deaf dog, work with the deaf dog and accurately evaluate each deaf dog/puppy to make sure to match the dog with the right home once the adoption screening process starts. The adoption screening process is very thorough. Each interested family must fill out an adoption application that asks lots of questions and a full list of references is required to be considered for adoption.

We work with shelters, rescues, private individual and breeders to help get each deaf puppy into our program to make sure each deaf dog/puppy gets the individual training, socialization, and love to grow up to become a cherished member of society. Deaf Dogs Rock is a judgement free zone and are here to help deaf dogs and puppies get a fresh start and a chance at a great life.

When screening potential homes for a deaf dog/puppy, there are many guidelines to follow like checking all references, talking to the applicants veterinarian and performing a thorough home visit to make sure each home is a safe place for a deaf or deaf/blind dog. This is why our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy is so important to set each deaf pup up for a successful happy life in their new home. Our Rocker Puppy program financially sponsors each deaf dog/puppy so the dogs can be spay/neutered before they are adopted to a new family. We only work with rescues and advocacy organizations who are committed in making sure each deaf dog/puppy is spay/neutered before being placed in a new home.

It is our number one mission to make sure each deaf dog and puppy gets basic training, socialization. are in a loving and caring foster home where their confidence soars. Our partners set each deaf dog up for success. Below are our sponsored Rocker Puppies for the month of June 2018. As of the end of May 2018 we had sponsored 45 deaf pups into partner organizations. In June 2018, we sponsored 15 deaf pups into partner organizations and we had one medical sponsorship for Tiny to pay for his heartworm treatment for a total of 16 dogs. So as of June 30, 2018 Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored a total of 61 deaf dogs and puppies to start on their new journeys to their forever homes.





Thanks to Michelle at iRescue for pulling handsome deaf boy Jones into rescue and out of the Mineral Wells Animal Shelter. Now Jones can have a new start to a new life.

Lulu and Luka – Deaf Dog Rescue of America

Lulu is a six month old deaf Great Dane. She was found wandering alone in a field, picked up as a stray. The Deaf Dog Rescue of America pulled her out of a kill shelter and nursed her back to health from an almost deadly case of pneumonia. Deaf Dogs Rock is sponsoring her so she can be spayed before she gets adopted and goes to her new home.

Lukas’s family called the local animal control to come pick him up when their other dog was dying. Rather than let him come in the house, they heartlessly surrendered this sweet eight year old deaf Aussie boy to a kill shelter. He was pulled by our friends at the Deaf Dogs Rescue of America and he came out with a deep gash on his face, and a nasty cold. According to Lisa Tipton at the Deaf Dogs Rescue of America Luka is one of the sweetest deaf dogs she has ever met. Deaf Dogs Rock will be sponsoring Luka so he can get the vetting he needs before he is put up for adoption. A big shout out to Lisa and Mark Tipton at the Deaf Dogs Rescue of America for always being a champion for deaf dogs all over the country. We are proud to call them one of our tribe members and  partner rescues who are 100% rescue warriors when it comes to deaf dogs in need.


When MoMo’s caregiver reached out to us for help from Florida we decided to contact Erika at Green Dogs Unleashed to see if she had room in her program for MoMo and she did. It was a lot of back and fourth on the emails but MoMo finally made it here to Virginia with the help of the awesome volunteers with Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Team (thank you rescue warrior drivers)! Thanks to GDU for making room for MoMo where he will also get the medical attention he needs.

Colin, Cora, Coby and Capone

We want to thank Speak St. Louis for taking four different deaf puppies from four different litters into their awesome program. Our Deaf Dogs Rock community was happy to be able to sponsor each Rocker Puppy through our program where they can get all their vetting done, start their training and find new forever homes. You all ROCK!


Senior Deaf Dogs Dottie

Photo above: Dottie’s rescue plea

Photo above: Dottie’s freedom photo when she was being pulled to rescue by Heart Animal Rescue from JTAC in Joilet IL.

A big shout out and thanks to Rebecka Bargo and her team with Heart Animal Rescue for pulling Dottie from Joliet Township Animal Control in Joilet IL. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for senior dogs (I have adopted two seniors

Frank Sinatra

Thanks to Speak For The Unspoken Rescue (Ohio) Frank Sinatra so he can find a new loving home.



Spike is a 4 month old Chinese Crested cross who was surrendered to Lower Mainland Humane Society. Not only is he sweet as pie, but he is also completely deaf and he has a 6-week old shoulder injury that now requires orthopedic surgery. Deaf Dogs Rock sent in a $100 donation to go towards his fundraising efforts to get him the surgery he so desperately needs. If you would like to help Spike out, you can click here to go to his fundraising campaign. 


Chloe and Luna

Thanks to Almost Home Rescue in Texas and Green Dogs Unleashed here in Virginia for making sure Chloe and Luna are safe, vetted and they will be ready soon after some training to find their forever homes.


Thanks to Apollo Support and Rescue for getting deaf puppy Apollo into a safe environment! When Monica Brown reached out looking for a sponsor for deaf puppy Apollo so he could be vetted to get him ready for adoption, our Deaf Dogs Rock community was happy to sponsor this little nugget of joy!


When Diamond’s in the Ruff Rescue in Soperton, GA reached out to us for help with deaf dog Tiny who is HW positive we offered a rescue/medical sponsorship for Tiny and paid for her Heartworm Treatment ($322.00) with Four River’s Vet Center in GA so she could start her HW treatment. This way she can get through her treatment so she can be put up for adoption. We pray her treatment goes well and that she recovers soon so she can start on her journey to a new life.


Sweet deaf puppy Radio was rescued by Apollo Support and Rescue in Justin Texas. A big shout out to them and to our friend Monica Brown who is fostering Radio. Deaf Dogs Rock wanted to make sure Radio’s vetting is taken care of so we put Radio in our Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program and sent Apollo Support and Rescue $200 to help with his vetting. Radio is a brown bully mix puppy who is deaf but also has neurological issues like an unbalanced stride and some head tilt and tremor. He is currently 12 weeks old and will soon be available for adoption through Apollo Support and Rescue. Monica is doing a great job teaching him sign language.