Thank you to all of our supporters who donated to Deaf Dogs Rock in the month of June 2021 to keep our mission going! Our Deaf Dogs Rock community has sponsored 17 deaf dogs/pups into rescue in the month of June 2021. We were in full swing of puppy season in the month of June with deaf puppies showing up at Animal Shelters across the country. So far this year our awesome Deaf Dogs Rock community/supporters has sponsored a total of 106 deaf dogs into rescue in the first six months of 2021 which is fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to support our mission to save one deaf dog at a time.

It takes a tribe of animal lovers to support Deaf Dogs Rock to continue to carry out our mission. If you would like to help sponsor a deaf dog out of a kill shelter into the safe arms of rescue, please click here to Donate.

The core mission of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program is to set up each deaf puppy/dog for success by sending them into a experienced special needs rescue where they go into a experienced deaf dog foster homes who are committed to training and socializing each deaf dog that comes into their care. This way each foster advocate gets the opportunity to live with the deaf dog, work with the deaf dog, and accurately evaluate each deaf dog/puppy to make sure the organization makes a great match for each deaf dog with the right home once the adoption screening process starts.

Deaf Dogs Rock works with shelters, rescues, private individual and breeders to help get each deaf puppy into our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program and into rescue. By doing so, each deaf pup gets the individual training, socialization, and TLC to grow up to become a cherished member of society. Deaf Dogs Rock is a judgement free zone and our number one priority will always be to help deaf dogs and puppies get a fresh start and a chance at a great life.

When screening potential homes for a deaf dog/puppy, each partner rescue has a specific set of guidelines to follow like checking all references, talking to the applicant’s veterinarian and performing a thorough home visit to make sure each home is a safe place for a deaf or deaf/blind dog. This is why our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy is so important to set up each deaf pup for a successful happy life in their new home. Our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program financially sponsors deaf dogs/puppies so the dogs can be vaccinated and spay/neutered before they are adopted to a new family. We only work with rescue partners and advocacy organizations who are committed in making sure each deaf pup is spay/neutered before being placed in a new home. If you would like to donate to our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program, please click here.

Our amazing Deaf Dogs Rock community sponsored 17 deaf dogs/pups in June 2021 which is a huge accomplishment in a struggling economy.

Thanks to the financial support of our loyal Deaf Dogs Rock community, D.D.R. can continue to help deaf dogs in need. So far since our start of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program we have sponsored 980 deaf dogs (as of 06/30/21) into rescue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Christina Lee

June 2021 Rocker Puppy Sponsorship Recaps 

Sophie – Green Dogs Unleashed

It always breaks our hearts to see a deaf senior dog in a shelter. We are so happy Green Dogs Unleashed stepped up to help sweet deaf senior girl Sophie. Sweet Sophie will be sponsored into rescue by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship fund to help with her vetting expenses.


iRescue – Texas – Ransom and Bjorn

For some reason we have so many deaf puppies in Texas. Some of them are making their way here to Virginia and some of them are making their way into special needs rescues in Texas like iRescue. Sweet Ransom and Bjorn are now safely in foster care with iRescue and as soon as their vetting is done and they have gotten some basic house training they should be available for adoption in the near future. These two little deaf pups are sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program.


Jimmy Buffett – Critter Crusaders Rescue in OHIO

Thanks to rescue warrior woman Morgan Roberts for fostering Jimmy Buffett! Jimmy was rescue by Critter Crusaders Rescue. His vetting will be sponsored through our DDR Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program. We sent a check to help out for his vetting to Diamond M Veterinary Clinic in Ohio so  he can be neutered and get up to date on vaccines to get him ready for adoption.

Bloom – Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue – Pending 

Sweet Miss Bloom was an owner surrender because they felt like they couldn’t give Bloom the care she needs. She is in great hands now with Poet’s Vison Aussie Rescue in Perth Ontario.

Levi and Cody – Green Dogs Unleashed 

Photo above: HHRT volunteer driver Diane Avento Kirchen (thanks Diane for helping transport Levi)!


Thanks to Almost Home Rescue, Highway Heroes Transport Team and Green Dogs Unleashed who all worked together to get Levi safely to Virginia from Texas. Levi will be sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program.

*****Thanks to our friends Pat and Vern for sponsoring Levi into rescue.


I heard from a person in South Caroline who was looking for a rescue for her 8 month old AussieDoodle who had been passed around to several homes (this was his fourth home) so DDR reached out to Erika Proctor Director of Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue who specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating deaf and deaf blind dogs. Erika also lives with two Doodles (one is deaf) and she is a fan of the breed. GDU has a training facility and a great foster program near Charlottesville VA. Erika was kind enough to get a volunteer to drive to South Caroline, pick up Cody and bring  him back to GDU. Cody will be a recipient of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program so we can help with his vetting to get him ready for a new home in the near future.


Storm – Blind Dog Rescue Alliance 

Thanks so much to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance for stepping up and taking in deaf/blind dog Storm. We put a $300 rescue sponsorship plea out for a special needs rescue to help senior dog Storm because she needed help so badly. We are so lucky the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance stepped up to help. We also appreciate the Barcs team for reaching out to Deaf Dogs Rock to help get Storm safely into rescue and out of their shelter. Thanks to our friends Pat and Vern for donating to Storm’s sponsorship.



Ranger – Green Dogs Unleashed 

Thanks to our friends at Green Dogs Unleashed for making room in their wonderful program for deaf puppy Ranger. Also thanks to the Highway Heroes Rescue Transport team for getting Ranger from Florida to Virginia. We appreciate also Katie and Derek for fostering Ranger so he can begin a new journey and find a loving forever home.


Isla – Green Dogs Unleashed


We are so happy to get this deaf boxer pup into Green Dogs Unleashed so she can get some much needed training and find a loving forever home. Isla will be sponsored by Nitro’s Fund, If you would like to help the next deaf boxer be sponsored into rescue please check out Nitro’s Fund here. 


Annie – Pink Heart Rescue 

Thanks to the kindness of our friends at Happy Tails Animal Rescue (HTAR) for fostering Annie in OK until she could make her way to Indiana and a big shout out to Pink Heart Rescue for making room for this sweet girl. It takes a tribe of rescue warriors to come together to get the specially abled dogs with super powers into a reputable rescue. Thanks also to all the people who volunteered to drive Annie from OK to Indiana. Also thanks to our supporters who continue to donate to help one deaf dog at a time.


Mercedes – Delta Animal Shelter 

Sweet Mercedes can’t catch a break. She has been through the Dawgz Adapt Prison Training program and she keeps getting adopted by people who don’t want to put in the work, exercise or enrichment a young bully dog like Mercedes needs. Mercedes will be sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program to provide extra funds for her continued care until she gets adopted by a loving forever home. If you want to learn more about her, please contact the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba MI

Pearl – Green Dogs Unleashed – Virginia 

When a family reached out to Deaf Dogs Rock  needing help with their deaf Aussie, we immediately reached out to our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed to see if they had room for Pearl in their awesome program. They made room for her and because of the support of our Deaf Dogs Rock community, Pearl is sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program.


North Carolina pups – Green Dogs Unleashed 


Deaf Dogs Rock is sponsoring and transporting these two special needs pups from North Caroline here to Virginia. Both pups will be sponsored through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program into Green Dogs Unleashed in Troy VA,


Stormtrooper and Oslo – Speak For The Unspoken Rescue – Ohio 

Above: Sweet Deaf 13 week old Stormtrooper was rescues from a Kentucky shelter and arrived safely into Speak For The Unspoken Rescue



Sweet 8 week old Deaf puppy Oslo also came from a shelter in Kentucky and was transported safely into the safe harbor of Speak For The Unspoken Rescue. Both Stormtrooper and Oslo will be recipients of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program to help with their vetting so they can be available for adoption soon.