Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old mini Aussie July who is looking for a new loving forever home. July is small at only 15 pounds. His human is 82 years old and moving into assisted living so July needs a new loving forever home. He is house trained, neutered, UTD on vaccines and he knows several sign cues.


From his shelter advocate:

I am a volunteer with the Poteau Valley Humane Society in Poteau, OK. We have has a 82 year old lady reach out to us for help with her deaf Aussie named July. The lady is being moved to an Assisted Living Home that will not accept her dog. July is 5 years old, house trained, neutered and UTD on shots. He does know several hand gestures. I am inserting her email to us.

I’m Paula Ryan at RedOak Oklahoma. I’m moving to LasVegas Nevada in October this year. I’m almost 82 I’ll be in a Senior Living where only some dogs are welcomed. My dog has been with me 3 years in July. He is a mini aussie about 5 years old. He is deaf but knows some hand signals such as means stop everything and lay down, ️ means don’t jump on me. backhand brushoff means don’t beg for food. patting my knee is inviting him to put his front feet on my lap. Come to me is pulling your hand to yourself. He will let you know when he wants out or wants anything by making pitiful noises. he barks once to be let in. He tried one time to get on couch I pulled him down and pointed at floor and down he came and never bothers anything. His room is the laundry room where he sleeps and eats and stays when I’m not home. His bed, water and food bowl stay there he sleeps there at night with the door closed until I open it in morning. he eats 2 meals a day, blue mountain, 2/3 cup food morning and 2/3 cup and 1 teenie greenie in evening at bedtime . I have never seen him growl or show anger, he loves everyone and will jump up on people, when someone comes I put him on leash before opening door or point to his room and he runs straight there, you close door or he will come out. when he is around new people he will get so excited that he needs to be calmed by directly at him steadly and he will lay down and calm down. pointing at him stops him barking also. He will escape out doors if he has a chance, if he escapes,grab a leash and find him he could be hurt because he isn’t afraid of cars or dogs or people. I keep leash in car, and when he sees me he will come get in on drivers side or come to leash, he loves to ride and be walked on leash. He is very quick to learn your routine. He loves strong hard toys that cant be destroyed his favorite is his soccer ball. I named him July to help me remember when I got him. I have a big fenced yard so he can run and be safe. He’s my pal.