Meet adoptable deaf 8 month old puppy Josie who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, provide structure and daily positive reinforcement training/enrichment/exercise to build her confidence and keep her safe. Josie would do best in home where she can feel relaxed and be the center of attention so a home with a secure fenced in yard and no other kids, dogs or cats to stress her out. Josie craves a calm and predictable environment. Adopting a 8 month old deaf puppy takes additional work and commitment. She needs a person who will be there for her, show her true leadership and make her feel protected and confident.


From her advocate: Josie is about 8 months old. She’s very cuddly and sweet with adults. Josie sometimes nips at children, cats and other dogs (like a heeler would) because she feels they are unpredictable which makes her nervous because she is unsure of their intentions towards her. She needs a fenced in yard to run. knows sign cues for sit and stay. She needs work on walking on a leash because she pulls (a gentle leader would help her a great deal) She doesn’t ride well in a car but with the right positive reinforcement training she should get better (she is only 8 months old). She is a very nice companion dog. She is loyal and attentive to her humans and she is very eager to please. She just needs someone committed to her and not give up on her.

Josie’s adoption fee is $100 (to a screened and approved home only) and you must live within 100 miles drive of Itasca IL to be considered for adoption.