John Lickon is a 3 year old male Boxer who is looking for a loving forever  home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe. He is very sweet and handsome!

He lives by the play hard, sleep hard golden rule. His house zoomies don’t have brakes so he uses walls, couches, refrigerators and stairs to stop 🫣
He’s constantly watching your hands for communication (doesn’t mean he cares what you have to say though.
Loves to cuddle and will be your constant shadow.


He’s just happy to be involved from one room to the next!
Does quite well on the leash but definitely wants to lead the way.
Plays well with my dogs most of the time but needs work on picking up on queues when playtime is done. He’s more than happy to entertain himself with toys when the others tap out though!

Incredibly sweet boy and one of the happiest and goofiest boxers you’ll meet.